Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Pirate Balthasar Fanart!

We still receive fan art. Sometimes I forget to post them up but they are all worthy of love and exposure, so I am trying to be better at this, I promise. The first one belong to Ludovica Bacci who came to visit me at Lucca Comics and confessed she had this drawing (and I sort of coerced it out of her hahahah), isn't it beautiful though? Why keep it secret.
This second artwork belongs to Etirtifma . who took advantage of this year's Inktober to gift us with a beautiful Castalia. You can click on the name above, follow her on Deviant Art and Show her some love.
This drawing is also present in the DeviantArt group where I keep all the other nice submissions from other Deviant Artist and will be soon placed on Facebook as well :D (together with the one from Ludovica)

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Forgotten Muse - La Musa Dimenticata

La Musa Dimenticata - Book Trailer from Deda Daniels on Vimeo.

I haven't posted in ages, I promise to upload the Inktobers at the end of the month.
But here is the reason why I was so silent and not so present the past year: La Musa Dimenticata.

I am creating this 2 volumes story with one of my bestest friends and amazing comic writer and we are launching it at Lucca Comics in November (which you may not know but aside from Japan ones is the largest comic convention in the world).

It's a project we have been treasuring for years and we finally managed to finish. I will talk to the publisher to see if he agrees to have an ebook version in English for sale somewhere because it's a really good story and I love it to bits :D


Ed ecco il motivo per cui non sono tanto presente. Sto lavorando a questo progetto ormai da un anno e lo presenteremo a Lucca Comics - yes, vengo a Lucca Comics dopo 10 anni di assenza!!! - sono felicissima di aver partecipato a questo progetto con Emi perche' e' un'autrice bravissima (se non avete letto il Salome' che ha fatto per Kleiner Flug con Silvietta ve lo raccomando perche' e' un capolavorone, candidato pure al Guinigi ecco).

Un sogno nel cassetto che diventa realta' :D

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Nicoli Sacred

I was asked what would the sisters look like if instead of chosing profane they were to chose a sacred life. I thought that was an interesting and fun question so the first thing that came to mind was this outfit for Nicoli/Colapesce.

Friday, April 14, 2017

A quick update

Sorry for being quite so long guys. I will definitely revamp the blog during this long week-end and do a few extra things. 
The most important bit of news now is that releases are coming out daily but I am releasing 3 different series.
Bikini War just ended for the Pirate Balthasar and Zizak and Pearlie is about to begin.
The Mark of Cain is reaching is fifth chapter and The Flower of the Nose is still coming out at the rate of one page per week.

Tapastic is the most updated (Deviant art being a bit behind on the Mark of Cain).

I have opened a Patreon too where I post sneak peeks every now and then haha or you can simply buy me coffee.