Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy Holidays

Happy New Year guys.

2016 marks the end of The Pirate Balthasar as Kane passes the baton to Cain.

I hope you enjoyed the promo: The Mark of Cain ne will officially begin on January 1st.

We do not say goodbye for good to Kane and his crew though, I will release some short stories on special occasions - I will make sure to keep you posted and inform you in advance when a new story is coming.

 Happy 2017.

And in general : Happy Holidays guys! I wanted to thank those of you who stuck around in 2016 and enjoyed my stories, giving me words of encouragement during difficult times and lots of luuuuv’.

I wish you happy holidays and Happy New Year. May 2017 be good to you all.

Hopefully part of that good stuff coming your way in 2017 is The Mark of Cain (my upcoming comic. hahahah


Thursday, December 29, 2016

Murder in Bologna - Curiosities

As you know Murder in Bologna is the final instalment of The Pirate Balthasar comic.
There will be some stories in the future but at the moment they are at the idea stage so it will not be the immediate future :D
I gotta draft them first.

What you need to know about this story has already been revealed throughout the comic:

1) This is a Prequel - it comes after All I have but before Kane becomes the Pirate Balthasar and before his meeting Cat and Foxy.
After this story Kane goes back home, finds that his grandfather has already passed on, becomes the pirate Balthasar for six years (finds Cat and Foxy) against the old guys' wish and after six years of quarreling with them he decides to put an end to diatribe by kidnapping Castalia. The rest is history.

 2) In the final pages you merely saw what they talked about here:

Kane is talking about Petronia here.

On page 58 of Murder in Bologna you saw Circe cast "a Balthasar is perfect".

Of course Kane comes out of the room looking and feeling normal, is not like people can tell or remember when Circe hypnotizes them.  That's because she uses scopolamine.

But this is what we see Kane do: we see him tie his hair in a pony tail, which is how he keeps his hair in The Pirate Balthasar.

So what you are literally seeing there is the birth of the Kane you know from The Pirate Balthasar series.

Beware of imitations

3) The pirate Balthasar comes after but you basically saw what they talked about here:

This is the same scene where we see Kane use the stool with Martin. Of course, now, we know why.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

El Pirata Balthasar en Español

Gracias a El Dragon Violeta ahora podemos leer El Pirata Balthasar en Español. 
¿No es maravilloso?

TPB en Español

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Scouting Bologna

Hi guys,

I had my eye surgery last week - I was blind from my left eye - and I had to be away from the computer. I am recovering wonderfully.
Considering it spent almost 15 years in the dark my left eye is getting used to the light quite fast too. The surgery was not easy and my vision is not 100% back yet but it’s enough for now to make me realize the world is wide and shorter and rounder than I remembered it and more colorful too hahaha. 

Of course for a week I could not draw, read, watch TV, check messages, check the computer except for 10 minutes every other hour, to learn to focus - which I still haven’t mastered, especially when I have to shift from object far away to close ones.

 Since I was not able to do anything and bored to death - as you can see from the scribbly drawing - I have decided to take the guys to Bologna, where the doctor gave us a tour of his school too. (I also collected some background information on a location I could not access via google street view).

I will be out again tomorrow for a check up so I hope you don’t mind thant this week I only could upload one update for the Pirate Balthasar and one for The Flower and the Nose - next week everything should be back to normal (hopefully).

 P.s. I think some of this blurred pictures can give you an idea of my struggle with “focus” hahaha.